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Traffic Signals & Hardware

Get a cost-effective quote for reliable signal equipment with the latest technology from top manufacturers.

Get Efficient, Reliable Traffic Control, Thanks to Innovative Technology

Whether you’re looking to upgrade from standard to programmable traffic signals or replace deteriorating hardware, quality matters. You need traffic lights made from durable materials that will last combined with innovative signal technology for improved safety.

At Gades Sales, we partner with industry-leading traffic signal manufacturers to deliver dependable lights and hardware that exceed specifications. We’ve been providing traffic signal services for over 80 years, earning a reputation as one of the best traffic signal companies in the U.S.

Our Partners

Dependable Traffic Signals & Hardware From Brands You Trust

We are Intelligent Transportations Systems (ITS), traffic management, and Electric vehicle charger manufactures. Combine this with our competitive prices and you can trust that you’re getting a cost-effective solution.

Traffic Signals & Hardware Equipment

  • Programmable Traffic Signals
  • Vehicle Signals
  • Signal Visors
  • Accessible Pedestrian Signals
  • Pedestrian Signals
  • Pedestrian Pushbuttons
  • Pedestrian Signal Housings
  • Clamshell Mounts
  • Signal Backplates
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Signal Frameworks
  • Traffic Signal Poles
  • Conflict Monitors
  • Load Switches
  • Loop Amplifiers
  • Flashers
  • Enforcers
  • Power Supplies
  • Bus Interface Unites
  • Isolators
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Robust Features with Outstanding Performance

Solutions to Fit Your Project Budget

The quote you receive from us will include the total project cost so there are no surprises or hidden fees. You can feel confident you’re getting a complete system with clear pricing.

  • Networked Systems Available
  • Energy-Efficient LED Options
  • ITE Compliant
  • Polycarbonate and Aluminum
  • Low Maintenance
  • Retrofit or OEM Applications

Fast Repairs with One Call

When a traffic signal malfunctions, every second counts. We have local traffic signal technicians ready to quickly assist your traffic engineers with troubleshooting and repairs.

Keep Your Project On Budget

We know that budget is a top concern for state and municipal traffic signal installation projects. That’s why we work to find the best signal lights and traffic light parts at competitive prices.

Traffic Signal Light Cabinets

Our Service Area

We work with a wide range of state and local agencies in the following areas:


As experienced traffic signal contractors, we have access to a wide range of products. Simply tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll provide you with our available options.

Yes, we have traffic signal repair technicians located throughout our service area.

Find your state’s rep and provide them with the details about your project’s budget, timeline and goals. Then you’ll receive a customized bid with recommended products.

We are always happy to recommend traffic signals, hardware, accessories and even complete traffic management systems.