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LED Traffic Control Signs

Improve safety and traffic flow by making sure your message can be seen with durable lighting, LED bulb, and LED traffic signs

Communicate Clearly with Drivers and Pedestrians

Why should your project include LED traffic control signs? It’s no secret that safety signs and message boards are crucial for road safety. They help eliminate confusion for drivers when there are road closures or prohibited turns in a construction zone. But can drivers and pedestrians see the signs in rain or other bad weather? And what if you only need to display a message for drivers when there’s heavy congestion or an accident blocking a lane? Do you have the capability to activate a flashing sign or variable message board intermittently?

That’s where LED-enhanced signs can help. They’re visible any time of the day or night in all types of weather. Variable message signs can be changed and activated to communicate with road users only when needed. And with energy-saving LED bulbs, these road safety signs help keep costs down. Gades Sales Company has more than 80 years of experience helping to improve traffic safety on both local and interstate roadways. From LED stop signs to traffic sign boards, we invite you to challenge us with your LED road sign project today.

Count on Gades Sales Company to provide a competitive quote that meets all your goals. With more than 80 years in the industry, we’re your trusted source for your advanced traffic management system project. Your ATMS traffic system could include everything from the signal systems to the detection systems. Whether you need to improve safety and mobility or increase efficiency, we’ll put together a custom advanced traffic control solution that is flexible and scalable. 

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Lighting, LED Bulbs, and LED Signs from Brands You Know and Trust

You need durable, reliable LED traffic warning signs to communicate with drivers and pedestrians. That’s why we recommend and sell equipment from LED traffic sign manufacturers you know and trust.

LED Traffic Control Signs

  • LED Lighting
  • LED Bulbs
  • LED Traffic Signs
  • LED Blank Out Signs
  • Modular LED Sign Panels
  • LED Lighted Stop Signs
  • LED Flashing Stop Signs
  • LED Pedestrian Crossing Signs
  • LED Connected Parking Signs
  • LED Customizable Road Sign
  • LED Advance Traffic Light Warning Sign
  • LED Variable Speed Limit Signs
  • LED Lane Control Signs
  • Bus/Taxi Lane LED Signs
  • LED Lane Use Control Signals
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Innovative Features You’ve Been Searching For

Solutions to Fit Your Project Budget

The quote you receive from us will include the total project cost so there are no surprises or hidden fees. You can feel confident you’re getting a complete system with clear pricing.

  • Modular power to prevent flickering
  • Use less energy than fiber-optic signs
  • Highly visible in all types of weather
  • Display context-based messages
  • Schedule road sign messages

Tech Support & Service

You’ll be able to count on a quick response from our service team. Whether you need troubleshooting, repair or replacement of your LED traffic message signs and sign equipment, just call your rep for service.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Get a comprehensive quote for LED traffic control signs that fits your project goals and budget. We’ll consider all aspects so you receive a cost-effective signage solution that addresses all your traffic safety needs.

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We work with a wide range of state and local agencies in the following areas:


Yes, just let us know what type of sign you’re looking for and we’ll provide you with our available options.

We offer troubleshooting, repair and replacement.

To request a quote, simply find your state and then contact your rep with the details about your goals and budget. We’ll prepare a custom bid with all the information you’ll need.

You can count on our experienced sales team to put together an LED light package that will meet your goals while staying within your project’s budget.