Decrease Accidents, Increase Safety

Traffic Calming Solutions

Implement measures to reduce traffic speed, prevent collisions, decrease crash severity and make it easier for motor vehicles to share the road with pedestrians and bicycles.

Decrease Accidents and Increase Safety for All

Now more than ever, traffic calming is a critical part of any traffic management plan. Speeding poses risks to drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists in cities and on highways across the U.S. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that 28% of all fatal crashes in the U.S. during 2020 were related to speeding. There’s good news, though: Both the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Highway Administration have shown that residential traffic calming and traffic slowing devices are effective in reducing the number of speed-related crashes.

Gades Sales is the best source for many types of traffic calming measures that improve safety for all users without creating congestion. With more than 80 years of industry experience, we’re your go-to source for calming traffic. For example, smart city technologies can help slow traffic only when needed, such as the beginning and end of the school day, while allowing normal traffic flow normally the rest of the time. These innovative traffic calming measures can even be integrated with your existing infrastructure so you get the benefit of remote, real-time control at a lower investment.

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You need to be able to count on your traffic calming equipment to last, and you need the best value for the money. That’s why we work with the top brands in the industry.

Safety and Traffic Calming Devices

  • Radar Signs
  • Flashing Beacons
  • Smart Crosswalks
  • Connected Traffic Signals
  • Traffic Speed Monitoring Devices
  • School Zone Beacons
  • Traffic Signal Preemption & Priority
  • Automated Intersection Monitoring
  • Connected Vehicle Systems
  • Radar Speed Display Signs
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Solutions to Fit Your Project Budget

The quote you receive from us will include the total project cost so there are no surprises or hidden fees. You can feel confident you’re getting a complete system with clear pricing.

  • Cellular, Radio & GPS Technology
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • Remote Monitoring & Control
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Real-Time Notifications and Alerts

Exceptional Service After the Sale

We’re not here to sell you traffic equipment; we’re here to build relationships. You can count on us for technical support, troubleshooting, replacement and repair for years to come.

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Whether you’re working on a local or state-level project, we understand that staying on budget is a priority. We’ll work to get you a comprehensive quote that meets your cost & performance needs.


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We work with a wide range of state and local agencies in the following areas:


We’re able to source a wide range of components for your traffic calming solution. Simply let us know what you’re looking for, and if we don’t offer it we’ll recommend something comparable.

Our tech support includes troubleshooting, repair and replacement.

Our quoting process begins with locating your state and then contacting your local rep. He or she will gather the details of your project, including budget and goals, and then provide you with a customized quote.

Our representatives have experience with all types of traffic calming techniques, speed control devices for residential roads and more. We’re happy to put together a complete package with speed deterrents, radar speed signs and more to help reduce vehicle speeds and create a traffic calmed area while staying within your project’s budget.